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  • Ross Horgan

    Ross Horgan

    Advocate for both renewables and commercial nuclear power to address the climate crisis

  • Grant Chalmers

    Grant Chalmers

    I’m interested macroeconomic trends, deep value investing, data science, #rstats. Pro deep decarbonisation and hence nuclear energy.

  • Lisa Mazzon

    Lisa Mazzon

    Lisa is a Sustainability professional and founder of Caldo, a blog to democratize the science behind climate change and sustainable development.

  • Andy Revkin

    Andy Revkin

    Pursuing progress on a finite planet at @columbia @earthinstitute. The rest? Family, friends, books j.mp/revkinbooks, songs j.mp/revkinmusic

  • Brian Hanley

    Brian Hanley

    Peer publications in biosciences, economics, terrorism, & policy. PhD - honors from UC Davis, BSCS, entrepreneur. Works on gene therapies & new monetary models.

  • Blake Burns

    Blake Burns

    Mostly I write science-based articles and book reviews with a focus on energy and space. https://www.fiverr.com/techandscience Twitter: @EnergyAndSpace1

  • Oklo


    What could you do with a MW-decade of clean power? Please follow us on twitter.com/oklo, facebook.com/okloinc, linkedin.com/company/oklo, or sign up on oklo.com

  • Daniel Walters

    Daniel Walters

    An experienced product development professional sharing experiences and lessons from 20+ years in leadership.

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