It’s a good question. Cause dilution seems to severely afflict activism and the protest movement, with hardly a more dramatic example than the obvious dilemma of wishing to save the climate while demanding all nuclear technology be abandoned.

But we’re not protestors, and support for nuclear stems from fundamental science, and not just for climate but expanding energy access and development. This is where I see a solid crossover with agricultural biotech including GMOs, which will sustain the Green Revolution in currently emerging economies. Similarly public health measures like childhood vaccination and water treatment. These are interconnected in a scientific manner, not a collection of quasi-arbitrary, inconsistent issues to protest against.

Neil de Grasse Tyson narrated an excellent recent doco on GMOs, Food Evolution, and aubsrquently made a good, concise point here

Brian Cox is lionised by political progressives specifically regarding the threat of climate change, yet his support for modern nuclear energy is clear

I’m increasingly convinced that all these segments of science are stronger together.



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Oscar Archer

Eco-modernism, clean energy abundance and enhanced opportunity for future generations.