Opening Potential and Closing the Cycle

GE Hitachi’s full-scale 1,866 megawatt PRISM-based Advanced Recycling Centre

A new article published in Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies by Ben Heard reinforces the case for advanced, closed fuel cycle nuclear energy in Australia.

Specifically, it describes and analyses innovative used nuclear fuel recycling opportunities, in the context of the recent South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission’s recommendations on potentially profitable nuclear waste stewardship. This is an important step in the bold thinking required if advanced nuclear technology is to fulfil its vital role in mitigating climate change with minimum delay, something which was excluded from the Royal Commission’s terms of reference. As Mr Heard notes in the article,

Triplett et al, Nuclear Technology 2012, 187(2), 186–200
Courtesy of GE Hitachi
The potential ISFSI for South Australia

Eco-modernism, clean energy abundance and enhanced opportunity for future generations.