Variability, Uncertainty, Risks & Complexity

“There’s not enough awareness of the implications of our move to a much more ‘Just-in-Time’ electricity supply chain.”

Oscar Archer
Jun 17, 2022

In 2019 I had the opportunity to leaf through a previous edition of the Generator Report Card, put together through the efforts of Paul McArdle and Jonathon Dyson.

The two professionals presented about an hour of further insights in April this year, and it’s unmissable for anyone seeking a clearer understanding of Australia’s electrical energy supply situation.

Oscar Archer holds a PhD in chemistry and has been analysing energy issues for over 15 years, focusing on nuclear technology for nine, with a background in manufacturing and QA. He also writes for The Fourth Generation and The Kernel. Find him @OskaArcher on Twitter.

Oscar Archer

Eco-modernism, clean energy abundance and enhanced opportunity for future generations.