Well-written article. I strongly recommend engaging with some of the many nuclear energy and research professionals who now make themselves available on social media. They’re very approachable, and, contrary to what the anti-nuclear campaign has led so many people to believe for decades, they’re not souless and motivated by greed and the urge to poison the planet.

However, your lead image is the Cosmo oil refinery fire in Chiba: http://www.ibtimes.com/latest-pictures-fire-chiba-prefecture-following-japan-earthquake-photos-551388

The Fukushima nuclear plant looks more like this: https://twitter.com/ActinideAge/status/730390962308943874

Obviously, it never burst into flames like an enormous oil fire would, because its fuel isn’t flammable.



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Oscar Archer

Eco-modernism, clean energy abundance and enhanced opportunity for future generations.