When your local nuclear plant is the safest place in the world

Tōhoku Electric Power Co’s Onagawa plant

When it became clear the waves had struck a nuclear power plant, Fukushima Daiichi, 100 or so miles north of Tokyo, it was almost as if the great disaster we had witnessed had been erased from view. Suddenly, all the reports concentrated on the possibility of a reactor meltdown, the overheating fuel rods, and the design flaws in this ancient plant.

Scale of earthquake and tsunami: Onagawa NPP vs Fukushima Daiichi NPP
Source: Tōhoku Electric Power Co

We were able to properly manage the earthquake and tsunami on March 11. However, there are still many lessons that we have learned from the experience.

To pursue and maintain higher safety, we will continue to implement various enhancements. Furthermore, we will continue to grow our skills at executing emergency procedures properly and correctly.

Source: S&P Global




Eco-modernism, clean energy abundance and enhanced opportunity for future generations.

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Oscar Archer

Oscar Archer

Eco-modernism, clean energy abundance and enhanced opportunity for future generations.

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